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A sales-optimised project website generates qualified purchase enquiries every day for your
new-build project so that your residential units sell like hotcakes again!

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  • Visualised over 125+ construction projects and 950+ residential units in the DACH region and helped with marketing
  • Stand out from your competitors, but above all make your new building project a recognisable brand.
  • Present yourself professionally with our project website and win back the trust of potential interested parties.
  • Build the foundation for extended reach and increase demand for your residential units through online marketing.

Have you ever thought about developing a project website for your new-build project?

Are you thinking about developing a project website for your new-build project that will attract buyers on the Internet, set you apart from the competition and save you time and nerves?

Do potential buyers often have difficulty visualising what the planned new-build project will look like and are therefore hesitant to make a purchase decision?

The good news is that we have developed a system that allows you to present your new-build project in a visually appealing way to increase the interest of potential buyers, set you apart from the competition and save you time-consuming conversations with unqualified prospects.

You don't need any technical expertise to develop a project website. We create the website for you from A to Z and integrate all relevant information for potential interested parties.

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What our customers say

Find out what successes property agents, project developers and property developers have already achieved with PlanVision3D. By partnering with us and creating a unique project website, you too can achieve similar success.

Volker Twachtmann

Hechler & Twachtmann Immobilien GmbH

"We have developed a great project website where prospective buyers can find out exactly what the location is like. They can zoom in on the exterior view in great detail, immerse themselves in the individual flats from the outside and move around inside the flat. That's simply brilliant!"

Stefan Huf

EFS Euro-Finanz-Service Vermittlungs AG

"For property developers and renovators, this is of course a wonderful thing. I can recommend it to anyone who is in the process of building or selling something. Quite simply, it makes it easier to sell because people can visualise what they are getting for their money."

Max Blum

Blum+Partner Immobilien GmbH

"Not only in the area of visualisations, but also on a personal level, everything always worked great. The feedback from our customers for the floor plans and visualisations has confirmed this once again."

Why our customers achieve such great success

Real results through personalised support. Our customers achieve exceptional results with the help of our project websites and our consulting services.

Extended reach through online marketing

Through our project websites, we enable targeted online marketing, such as precise social media advertising and Google Ads, to increase the visibility and awareness of new-build projects and reach a wider audience.

Digital project presentation

The digital project website convinces prospective buyers of our customers' new-build projects. 3D visualisations, virtual tours, flat finders and comprehensive information make a positive contribution to the decision-making process.

Stand out from the competition

A professional website that combines digital project presentations and effective online marketing sets our customers apart from the competition. It conveys the impression of professionalism and innovation, which appeals favourably to potential customers.

About our project websites

We have been successfully using a standardised template for the creation of websites for the marketing of new construction projects for years. This method is extremely flexible and always delivers immediate results.

Cooperate Design 

When developing a project website, one aspect is particularly important: the creation of a unique and recognisable appearance. This begins with the development of a corporate design that serves as the visual foundation for the entire online presence.

Project and location description

In addition to an appealing corporate design, the development of a project website also includes careful planning of the content. Comprehensive information about the project and a detailed presentation of the local sights and special features in the macro and micro environment are essential.

3D visualisation / 360° VR reality

Our project websites are characterised by the use of 3D visualisations and interactive 360° tours that provide a realistic and immersive experience. These technologies allow users to experience the projects in rich detail and promote understanding and appreciation of each project.

Flat finder

The flat finder offers potential buyers the opportunity to search for their dream property. It is an extremely user-friendly and efficient way of checking the availability of residential units in real time, viewing room sizes and gaining a detailed insight into floor plans.

The enormous advantages
of PlanVision3D project websites

Our project websites go far beyond ordinary websites and offer visualisations, virtual tours and state-of-the-art technology specially developed for marketing new builds.

3D visualisations

Indispensable on our project websites: 3D visualisations for vivid insights into your new-build project.

360° tours

Interested parties can take 360° tours of the new-build project even before construction begins.

Flat finder

Thanks to the flat finder, all flats in the new-build project are clearly available.

Achieve success with our project websites!

Successfully marketing a property is not always easy. Especially not if the building project has not yet been completed. We help you to master this difficulty skilfully with our strategy, which has been proven a hundred times over.

  • 3D visualisations, virtual tours and the perfect sales material.
  • Exclusive strategy - We don't copy anything, we only implement what has proven itself.
  • Individual initial consultation
  • Personal onboarding - In personal Zoom calls, you will receive updates and can give us feedback or ask questions.
  • VIP e-mail and Whatsapp support - 
    Individual questions can be asked by e-mail or directly via Whatsapp. We guarantee fast response times of maximum 120 minutes from Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm.

About me

My name is Hossein Jaber and I am the founder of PlanVision3D.

With our innovative system, we help property developers to effectively present their new-build projects online, attract potential buyers and optimise marketing.

To date, we have successfully helped more than 100 property developers in the DACH region to successfully market the residential units in their new-build projects.

Our office is located in Weyhe near Bremen, from where we publish the project websites to the world.

Hossein Jaber (B.Eng.)

Your next steps


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You call me or one of my closest confidants to discuss the project.

Do you fulfil the basic requirements?

  • You are aiming for an online presence: Your aim is to use modern technologies to present your new-build project on the Internet.
  • You intend to extend your reach: Your aim is to reach more potential buyers through digital marketing of your new-build project than would be possible with local advertising campaigns.
  • They strive for efficient communication: Your aim is to reduce lengthy conversations and instead communicate effectively with interested parties via the project website.
  • You intend to delegate the technical area: You are willing to delegate the technical aspects to us so that you can concentrate fully on construction and sales.

Our references

Sömmerring City living

New building project in Mainz

  • Two residential complexes
  • 51 residential units
  • 27 - 115 m² per residential unit
  • Address
    Sömmerringstraße 17 - 19 /
    Raupelsweg 8
    55118 Mainz

Rheines Wohnglück

New-build project in Stuhr (near Bremen)

  • Apartment block
  • 7 residential units
  • 71 - 121 m² per residential unit

  • Address
    Rheinstraße 2
    28816 Stuhr


New building project in Koblenz

  • Residential complex
  • 84 residential units
  • 20 - 42 m² per residential unit

  • Address
    Friedrichstraße 6 - 8
    56068 Koblenz

DEFH Stegacker

New building project in Sarmenstorf (near Zurich)

  • Semi-detached house
  • 2 residential units
  • 182.5 m² per residential unit

  • Address
    Stegacker 1A & 1B
    5614 Sarmenstorf

City Living Koblenz

New building project in Koblenz

  • Residential complex
  • 48 residential units
  • 20 - 86 m² per residential unit

  • Address
    Casinostraße 9 - 13
    56068 Koblenz

Frequently asked questions

Who is a PlanVision3D project website suitable for?

The project website is aimed at project developers, property developers and estate agents who want to establish a professional online presence for their new-build projects in order to target potential buyers on the Internet.

What does a PlanVision3D project website cost?

Our prices are extremely transparent and depend on the size of the new construction project.

As a rule, our offer includes the following services:

+ Development of a corporate identity
+ Design of a project logo
+ Creation of a PlanVision3D project website
+ 1x visualisation from a bird's eye view
+ 2x exterior visualisations
+ 15x 360° panorama visualisations from the inside (for the virtual tour)
+ 3x 360° panorama visualisations from the outside (for the virtual tour)
+ 1x customised project website
+ Professional 2D floor plans for each residential unit

The costs for these services generally amount to €6,000.00 plus VAT for new-build projects with up to 6 residential units. A surcharge of €100.00 is charged for each additional residential unit.

How long does it take to create a PlanVision3D project website?

After the initial meeting and analysis of your target group, the design plans for your property are converted into high-quality 3D visualisations and virtual tours. At the same time, we prepare the logo, domain and project website so that the sales materials for your construction project can be finalised together in a timely manner. You should allow around 2 to 3 weeks for your first online advert to be placed.

Can you also work with the estate agent?

Yes, we can definitely work with a property agent. With our technical expertise, our strategy and our experienced team of estate agents at your side, we offer comprehensive support for your property project. If you don't already have an estate agent, we can even put you in touch with one of our trusted partners in the field to ensure you get the best possible support for the sale of your property.

Do you also offer your services individually?

Although we recommend that our customers create a project website, we also offer our services individually on request. You have the option of receiving photorealistic 3D visualisations, virtual 3D tours, 3D animations, 3D floor plans and the creation of the project website as separate services. We adapt to your individual needs and flexibly offer the services that best suit your requirements.

Can you also support us in marketing a property that has already been built?

The PlanVision3D project website can also be used to market completed properties. In this case, the 3D visualisations are replaced by highly professional photos, the 3D animation is created using a drone video, and the virtual tours are recorded with a 360° camera. This enables an impressive presentation and marketing of properties, regardless of whether they have already been built or are still in the planning phase.


1 office - over 100 locations

We currently have an office in Weyhe near Bremen.

However, our project websites and visualisations are currently represented throughout the DACH region.

On the following map you can see where PlanVision3D has already helped with the marketing of new construction projects.

What other experts say about PlanVision3D

"PlanVision3D delivered impressive visualisations, the collaboration was extremely positive, efficient and professional. We were impressed by their professionalism and dedication."

Rüdiger Sell

Management Concept Bau GmbH

"We received outstanding support in the marketing of a construction project. We couldn't imagine a better contact in terms of visualisation and marketing"

Pasarlai Akbary

Owner of Deutsches-Immowerk

"With PlanVision3D, we have found an outstanding partner when it comes to 3D visualisation. This allows us to present new construction projects in an appealing and photorealistic way even before the ground-breaking ceremony."

Ulrich Graf-Nottrodt

Management of EXPOSÈ Immobilien

Statements about PlanVision3D

Wasim Taha

Known from the series 4 Blocks

"It's awesome, it's madness! Top work! Huge respect for your work and for your art"

Gregor Didenko

Operations Manager Concept Bau GmbH

"We have already commissioned PlanVision3D for two projects and have always been extremely satisfied with the collaboration."

Arber Zeciri

Managing Director G. Construction GmbH

"PlanVision3D created our website and the visualisations for marketing. We are very satisfied"

Danny Adams

Coach in the field of online marketing

"I have been coaching Hossein from PlanVision3D in online marketing since 2020 and I am convinced that he knows exactly what he is doing."

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